"We seek to create unique products by researching where no one has researched before, recovering ancient wisdom and combining it with cutting-edge science. Creativity is, for us, that gateway to boundless possibility and a place to dream."


Esther and Benito met in Madrid and created the most important thing in their lives, their family. Esther, is a well-known professional in the world of beauty in Spain, passionate about the biodynamic lifestyle and nature. Benito is creative, enterprising and a great lover of the mountains. Their shared vision of the world, nature and health led them to the twenty-year development of a beauty centre project with a totally new approach, which was to achieve authentic beauty while respecting health and the planet.


In the absence of healthy, effective and quality treatments and products, they brought together a research team of scientists with deep knowledge of biodynamics to lead the way to a different world view that recognises and unites the tangible and the intangible in order to develop high-quality, healthy cosmetics, in harmony with nature, which are, above all, extremely effective.

Biopolar Water

During their quest, while in the Pyrenees, they developed a passion for water and it's secrets. Pure water, high mountains and starry skies. There, they discovered water's unique properties and its interconnectedness with the Cosmos, its source of energy and its great transformative power at the cellular level, the key to their future formulations aimed at restoring people's health and beauty, and to bringing back their natural energy and vitality.


Empowered by our understanding of the importance of harmony and balance in all aspects of life, we have, over time, not only created a cosmetic brand, but also a community that has gradually emerged around Secretos del Agua with a more conscious lifestyle that is more respectful of the body and the environment. This has been deeply gratifying and has motivated us to continue working for a more beautiful, more conscious and free world.

Secretos del Agua

We advocate escaping from the current trend of living at the pace society demands, with our senses switched off and disconnected from our being. We champion a new paradigm within the world of self-care and lifestyle. We are not just beauty products; our mission is for you to regain control of your life, well-being and health through a deeper connection with your own being and through your choice of discriminating and advanced cosmetic formulas.