There is no beauty without health. Our culture of wellness is nurtured by understanding beauty and health as an inseparable whole. Our commitment to effective and healthy beauty motivates us to create high-quality products that are effective and in harmony with the health and natural rhythms of our body, the environment and the cosmos.

Biopolar Water

Our active ingredient, Biopolar Water™, comes from pure mountain water collected from Pyrenean Springs. It is structured at the molecular level through bioenergetic processes that activate the skin's innate restorative potential, providing energy and purifying the cells. Combined with natural active botanicals, we achieve advanced formulations, exquisite textures and results that are immediately observable in the skin and hair from the very first application.

Biodynamic Cosmetic

Biodynamic beauty seeks to reconnect us with nature and it's relationship with the cosmos, being aware of it's cycles and incorporating them into our research and production processes. We apply the natural properties of our botanicals grown using organic, biodynamic agriculture, carefully selected at source, respecting the cycles of the astronomical calendar to create healthy and effective formulas with sustainable products of vegetable and mineral origin that are organic and biodegradable. 

Research and Knowledge

We embrace the constant integration of ancient knowledge with cutting-edge technology as the fundamental basis for the work of the research team in our laboratory to create formulations of the highest quality, as precise and effective as they are healthy and natural. We are always looking to innovate and improve the properties, benefits and effectiveness of our formulations as well as the sustainability of our activities.