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Nature has taught us that curves are beautiful

PRO Curly Line

The PRO Curly Line from Secretos del Agua is a specialised haircare routine designed to enhance the beauty of curly hair. Tailored to meet the unique needs of every hair type, this product range achieves defined, bouncy curls while also nurturing the hair to be healthy, hydrated and shiny.

Culture of Conscious Care

Curly Culture fosters a deep appreciation for our natural beauty and, through the PRO Curly line from Secretos del Agua, we empower you to do it in a conscious, simple, natural and effective way.


Discover each of the products and design your own curly ritual.

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Protein PRO

This repairing gel acts from within the hair’s structure to
enhance vitality, strength and volume. Suitable for all hair types,
it is especially beneficial for hair needing balanced porosity and additional structure.
Apply it as the first step after washing and conditioning.

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PRO Curly Holding Gel

This natural polymer-based gel is formulated to combat frizz and help
with curl definition. It enhances curl formation by increasing flexibility,
while maintaining its structure for longer, adding softness.
The gel acts as a moisturiser, hair antioxidant and prevents split ends.

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PRO Curly Leave-in Conditioner

This lightweight cream offers exceptional conditioning by repairing,
protecting and rejuvenating hair fibres. It adds hydration, shine and ease of styling,
allowing curls and waves to remain flexible and hydrated for longer.
Apply it following the post washing, before applying any styling products.

We Are Here To Help

How to take care of your wavy, curly hair... in a way that is respectful of the nature and the environment. Welcome to a new way of taking care of yourself.